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MS Society DMT Tool

9 March 2023

The MS Society has launched a new tool to explore disease modifying treatments (DMTs) to help people with MS explore treatment options and prepare for conversations with health professionals.

Evidence shows that treating MS early can slow progression. But deciding what therapy to take, or if you want to take one at all, can be one of the hardest, most personal choices someone with MS will make.

There’s now around 20 approved branded therapies for MS. They’re all different in terms of how you take them, what side-effects you might experience and how they impact your daily life. 

The new online tool asks a series of questions then suggests treatments that seem a good match based on what you tell it. The suggestions are not recommendations, but you can use them as a starting point for a conversation with your neurologist or MS nurse who will be able to tell you which treatments are available for your MS.

Learn more and access the tool >

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