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Man in a wheelchair

Stuart - Leicester MS Therapy Centre

Stuart was diagnosed with MS in 1999 and felt unprepared for the difficult journey ahead. 

I initially felt indIfferent as I didn’t understand what lay ahead. My symptoms affect mainly mobility and dexterity, but also a ‘band’ around my middle, and fatigue and sensitivity to temperature changes.

MS has robbed me of my mobility and independence and led to me being wholly reliant on others to do everything for me, from personal care to practical tasks. I find this frustrating and depressing. 

My family has been impacted as everything has to be planned carefully in advance and it means we can’t do a lot of things as a family, such as going on the beach or playing sports. My wife is restricted in what she can do by needing to have care available when she is not here, which is difficult as home care is expensive and unreliable. 

My MS has caused depression at times and sometimes hopelessness, but I also get great support from my family and friends. I have a wonderful assistance dog and I get cheap and free tickets to anything. I can jump long queues and being in a wheelchair with my dog has helped me to make many friends whilst out walking in the local park.

I’m not on any treatment but going to the Leicester MS Therapy Centre regularly helps with my symptoms. It has also helped me to experience how nice and helpful so many people can be.

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