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A UK-wide network delivering life-enhancing therapies for people living with neurological and other long-term health conditions

Neuro Therapy Network

Graphic depicting therapy treatments

More than 20 physical and complementary therapies

UK map showing therapy centre locations

50 centres across the UK, in Jersey and Gibraltar

Graphic depicting a group of people

Supporting more than 15,000 people every week

Centre staff members

How centres support you

Providing expert individualised support and a wide range of physical and holistic therapies to complement clinical treatment, as well as counselling, emotional support and an active social community.

A magnifying glass on top of a street map

Find your nearest centre

Search by town or postcode to find a centre near you, including details of the conditions they support and which therapies are available. Connect with others who understand the challenges you face. 

Neuro News

Scientist testing blood samples
Alzheimer's Blood Test

A study to see if blood tests could help diagnose people with early Alzheimer's disease is being launched by the NHS.

Human spine
Implant Restores Walking

A man with advanced Parkinson's can walk again after receiving an implant that stimulates nerves in his spine.

Human brain firing neurons
Neuro Charities Team Up

Joint call for improved access to mental health services for people living with neurological conditions.

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