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Human skeleton
MS Gene Discovery

Scientists unearth discovery in ancient teeth and bones that shows how the MS gene spread throughout Europe.

Human spine
Implant Restores Walking

A man with advanced Parkinson's can walk again after receiving an implant that stimulates nerves in his spine.

Gene Variant Neuro Link

Scientists discover an immune system gene variant that protects from Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Doctors looking at brain scans
New Alzheimer's Drug

A new drug that slows cognitive decline is hailed as a turning point in the fight against Alzheimer's.

Innovative MS Research

New drug research differs from existing MS treatments by targeting the glutamate system to reduce symptoms.

Human brain firing neurons
Neuro Charities Team Up

Joint call for improved access to mental health services for people living with neurological conditions.

Woman in bed feeling tired
ME Protein Discovery

Researchers identify a protein linked to myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and similar conditions such as long Covid.

DNA Helix
MS DNA Breakthrough

Researchers have found the first genetic marker associated with a faster progression of MS.

Scientist testing blood samples
Alzheimer's Blood Test

A study to see if blood tests could help diagnose people with early Alzheimer's disease is being launched by the NHS.

Stem cells
Stem Cell Hope for MS

New study recommends stem cell transplant as standard treatment to slow relapsing remitting MS.

Human brain
Cell Clue to Parkinson's

A new study may shed light on understanding the movement mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease.

A scientist conducting research
New Parkinson's Trial

Clinical trial results offer hope of a potential breakthrough in a new treatment for Parkinson's.

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