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Network connections

Join our network


Join us and become part of a UK-wide network of voluntary and non-profit organisations supporting people living with neurological and other long-term health conditions. Membership of Neuro Therapy Network provides resources, training and operational guidance to help therapy centres thrive.




  • Connect with therapy centres throughout the UK

  • Online members forum for knowledge sharing

  • Annual conference for professional development

  • Monthly online network meetings

  • Regular digital newsletter


Oxygen Therapy

  • Online learning and testing for oxygen chamber operators

  • Access to a comprehensive oxygen therapy manual

  • Reporting and advisory service for chamber incidents

  • Access to experienced oxygen therapy advisers

  • Expert technical support


Centre Promotion

  • Awareness-raising and advocacy at a national level

  • Collaboration with other neurological organisations

  • Partnership campaigns, lobbying and promotion

  • Active social media sharing and networking

  • Page listing in our online centre directory


  • Online learning modules for skills development

  • Access to a professional qualified HR consultant

  • Discounted DSC grant-making trusts database

  • Shared allocation of London Marathon places

  • Fundraising and marketing advice


Membership Fees

  • Standard membership: £40 per month

  • Discount membership: £30 a month (for centres that do not provide oxygen therapy)

  • Discount membership: £20 a month (for centres with annual income below £20,000)


If you are a voluntary or non-profit therapy centre interested in joining our network and would like to find out more about the benefits of membership, please contact us.

Need support with a neurological condition?


Neuro Therapy Network does not provide therapy services. If you are looking for therapy, or need help with managing your condition, please contact your nearest centre and they will be able to advise and support you.


Use our online directory to search locations by town and find a centre near you, including details of the conditions they support and which therapies are available. 

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