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What we do

Neuro Therapy Network is a registered charity and membership organisation that represents a thriving group of independent therapy centres throughout Great Britain, and in Gibraltar and Jersey.

We provide support, training, and operational guidance to centres, as well as promoting their work nationally so that more people living with neurological and other life-limiting conditions can access their services.

Formerly known as Multiple Sclerosis National Therapy Centres (MSNTC), the charity changed its name to Neuro Therapy Network in 2023 to better reflect the diversity of neurological conditions that our member centres support.

Our Vision 

  • We will be the strong national voice of a thriving network of therapy centres supporting people living with neurological and other long term medical conditions.

Our Mission

  • Supporting our member centres to deliver life enhancing therapies.

  • Providing a national voice promoting and signposting the work of our member centres.


Our Guiding Principles


We are professional

We will be professional is everything we do, delivering valuable support that exceeds expectations demonstrating we truly know our members and their businesses.


We are sustainable

We want to create a lasting difference and to support our members to do the same. We understand that to achieve sustainability we have to maintain a willingness to adapt and change.


We are innovative

We will seek continuous improvement for our own organisation and our members. What is accepted as excellence now will be considered average in the future.


We are collaborative

We will be member-led, working with and for our member centres.


We are respectful

We recognise the inherent dignity of each individual. We value the diversity of our member centres and will serve each according to their needs.

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